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Future Topics

I have a number of Personal Finance related topics that have been floating in my mind for months. I have been reading a few PF blogs for the past couple of months and have read probably 5 books related to the topic in the past few months as well. This entry will serve as a repository where I can dump quick ideas for future entries. If you have a suggestion or want to see an article on a particular idea, let me know! Whenever I write an article on the topic, I will turn it into a link here.

  • The Diamond Scam
  • Gaming Your Credit Score:
  • Using credit cards to your advantage
    • Rewards
    • Perks
    • Rebates
    • Avoiding Yearly Fees
  • Changing your Eating Out Habit
    • Fast Food
    • Sit-down Restaurants
  • Buying a Car
    • Financing a "Good Deal"
    • Never Ever Lease... Except
  • Self-Employment and its Benefits
    • As it pertains to loans
    • As it pertains to taxes
  • Getting Good Deals
    • Websites
    • Return Policies
    • "Pay less than eBay"
  • Maintaining Your Finances
    • Obsession vs. Control
    • It's Not That Hard To Balance Your Checkbook
  • Insurance
    • Never a Particularly Good Deal
    • Car Insurance
    • Health Insurance
    • Renter's Insurance
  • Exercise
  • College Life
    • Student Loans

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