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Welcome to Gaming the Credit System!

This is a personal finance blog with an emphasis on your credit score and how to improve it. Any time that something is scored and the scoring method is known to the participant in the system, the system can be gamed.

By that, I mean that you can utilize your limited resources effectively to maximize your score. If you're playing a "Space Invaders" type video game and you know that shooting the red guys will get you twice the points of shooting the blue guys, you know to shoot the red guys first (assuming your only goal is to maximize your score).

The rules for credit scoring are well known. Therefore, the ways to maximize your credit score are also well known. There are simple and easy things that you can do to bump up your credit score almost immediately.

A little background about me: I am 26 years old and have a FICO score of 772. I will give more details into my life and finances later, as they come up in my posts.

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frank said...

I love your new website here. Very informative for a young guy of 26. I am a credit repair guy in Orlando...not claiming to be an expert on credit...your first article already taught me some new things. Thanks and looking forward to your new articles. Florida Fan Frank