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Comment Policy

I wondered how long it would take before I started to get spam comments. The problem is that, as a credit-related blog, there is a big opportunity for "on-topic" spam. I got two comments today that were (obviously) credit-card related but just had that "spammy" feel to them. So, I deleted them. Sorry if your comments were real.

So, the policy from here on out is:

1) No links in your comment: no problem. Comment away. Even somewhat off-topic or simple "nice blog" comments are fine if you're not trying to bump up some site's PageRank.
2) Links in your comment: Please be very specific in your post and reply directly to something that I've written so that I know that your comment isn't generic. Links to blogs are mostly ok, unless they're spam blogs (left to my discretion). Links to "Bad Credit" sites that appear to be scams or domain parking pages are highly indicative of spam. Linking the same site over and over again with different keywords in the link is also highly suspicious.
3) Please try to give yourself an identifier somehow. I've had several "Anonymous" commenters so far, which is fine, but I'd kind of like to know if you're all the same "Anonymous" or if there are multiple people out there. I want to get to know my readers. So please just sign it with a name; it can be made up if you want. Just try to keep it consistent and don't use a name that somebody else is using.

I really appreciate comments and would like to have this site become a place where people can help each other by telling their own credit stories and swapping hints. As I said before, I'm only one person, so my own experience is limited. We can make this info a lot better if more people contribute.


SM said...

Hey, I'm a set of initials now.

No new non-housekeeping posts in 8 days?? My FICO just dropped 80 pts this week!

Gaming the Credit System said...


Any idea what caused the drop in your FICO?

SM said...

Only the fact that the blog was inactive! Nothing else. =O